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100 Years of Excellence

Cook's pure vanilla extract represent the Lochhead family's 100-year obsession with this exquisite spice. Owner Ray Lochhead has long been recognized as a true maverick in the industry, traveling the world for the highest quality vanilla beans and experimenting carefully for the perfect balance and beautiful simplicity that makes the best pure vanilla extract. History, botany, chemistry, and art go into each bottle of Cook's. From our family to yours comes The Drop That Makes the Difference.


Bold. Intense. One-of-a-kind. Our pure vanillas are the best in the world.

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Our Pure Vanilla Powder revolutionized the world of pure vanilla. A vanilla for everything!

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This bold, sweet extract adds a hint of Vermont’s finest maple sugar trees to syrups & baked goods.

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Zesty and fresh, our terpeneless citrus extracts maintain their crisp flavor for years.

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Sharp, sweet almond. Rich, buttery hazelnut. Explore our pure nut extracts and flavorings.

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Enhance pies, tarts and jams with brilliant red raspberry, strawberry and blackberry flavor.

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Tom Studer
Root Beer! #soda #waterkefir

Jun 13, 2015
Cook's Vanilla
A perfect Valentine's Day indulgence! Make your loved ones this delicious chocolate cake with raspberry whipped cream filling and dark chocolate ganache icing! For extra elegance, paint mint leaves with melted chocolate, refrigerate for half an hour and gently peel off the mint leaves. Look for the recipe on our website soon!

Feb 11, 2015
Cook's Vanilla
Mexican Chocolate Tart! Creamy chocolate with just the right amount of cinnamon kick! Cooks Pure Cinnamon extract and your favorite chocolate is a simple and easy substitute for Mexican chocolate!

Jan 26, 2015