Almond Extract For Those Allergic To Almonds

News Flavor science 11.13.23

Almond extract for those allergic to almonds

An almond allergy, like all food allergies, is caused by an immune response to proteins found in the food. Almond allergies can develop if you eat the nut and your immune system mistakes its proteins as harmful; the next time you eat almonds, your body quickly recognizes the protein and triggers an allergic reaction against it.
When the body encounters harmful particles, the immune system works to destroy the foreign substances by surrounding them with white blood cells and eliminating them with antibodies. The body also body generates molecules that promote inflammation, histamines, to help flush the invading particles from the body. Although most typically immune reaction is generated in response to harmful molecules, sometimes the immune system can mistake a harmless foreign molecules, such as proteins in food, as toxic.

Cook’s Pure Almond Extract is made from the the pits of peaches and apricots, which contains the flavor component also found in bitter almonds. It does not contain any of the proteins found in nuts that cause allergic reactions. All of Cook’s products and the facilities are completely allergen free!