Custom Sizing &
Flavor Development

We individually approach our custom product development. Whether you’re a boutique or national brand, please contact us to start the conversation.

Bean to Bottle
Quality Control

Our vertically integrated approach scales to all of our products, from flats of 4oz extracts to 250 gallon totes. And, with the exception of the fieldwork we do with vanilla growers worldwide, everything is done in-house at our factory in Paso Robles, California. Our methodical approach and extensive safety and quality certifications translate to consistency, reliability, and a rare expertise.

Wholesale Products & Sizing

We make over 200 types of vanilla, in the form of extracts, pastes, powders, beans, and seeds. We also craft a full range of non-vanilla flavors.

We offer our standard product sizing in bulk formats for retail resale purposes, as well as a range of bulk sizing, from quarts, to gallons, up to 250 gallon totes.

Many of our wholesale offerings are available online via our Bulk Shop, but we also offer custom product development services.

Custom Product Development

If you would like something specially formulated for your needs, whether it’s a custom vanilla blend or a new flavor, please reach out to us directly.

This process is both an art and a science. We’ll discuss the application (high heat, frozen, etc.), what format you’ll need (extract, powder, paste), flavor profiles and intensity, product color, nutritional needs, labeling requirements, and more. From there, we’ll begin with a scientific analysis of any samples you might have in our onsite GC-MS lab, then finish with a sensory analysis to perfect the final product.

Private Labeling

We offer an extensive range of private labelling services for any custom created products or product lines.

Whether applying your labels to our bulk sizing or creating a private label lineup of vanillas and flavorings to sell individually, please reach out to us to discuss your specific needs.

Quality & Safety Certifications

Quality is the ethos underlying our entire business. Below are some of the certifications to which we adhere.