How to Use Vanilla Paste

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How to use vanilla paste

Delicious and Innovative Ways to Use Cook’s Pure Vanilla Paste

What is Vanilla Paste (Puree)?

Vanilla paste is also called vanilla puree. It is a blend of pure vanilla extract, sugar syrup, and vanilla bean seeds in a convenient product. The vanilla bean seeds are suspended in the sugar syrup so that you can easily add the appealing look of vanilla bean seeds without splitting open the vanilla pod.


Traditional Recipes

Vanilla bean paste is commonly used in dairy recipes such as vanilla frosting, vanilla cheesecake, vanilla crème brulee, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. The tiny black seeds stand out against the creamy white mix for an appetizing vanilla bean look. To use vanilla paste in any of these applications, add 1sp to 1tbsp of Pure Vanilla Bean Paste to your favorite recipe. Or, if pure vanilla extract is an ingredient, substitute paste for extract at a 1:1 ratio.

Other traditional uses are cream fillings, custards, mousses, and vanilla sauces. Vanilla paste is a dream for all of these recipes too!

New Recipes

Vanilla bean paste can also be used in baked goods! Try using vanilla puree in white and yellow cakes, shortbread, and sugar cookies! The vanilla bean seeds will stand out in these treats and lend a gourmet look. The same substitution rule applies to these recipes.

Think Outside the Box

For even more adventurous cooks try these suggestions:

Use vanilla bean paste as a substitution for simple syrup in your favorite cocktails! Not only will you get the sweetness, but also the beautifully complex pure vanilla flavor. Vanilla masks the harsh taste of alcohol which means your drink will be silky smooth! You’ll also get the beautiful look of vanilla been seeds floating through your beverage.

Add vanilla bean puree to half and half for an easy and delicious homemade vanilla creamer for your coffee.

If you’re making a homemade caramel sauce, add vanilla bean paste in at the end, after the butter, for a unique vanilla caramel sauce.

Try using vanilla bean paste instead of honey! Think yogurt parfaits, smoothies, salad dressings, fruit salad, and more! Substitute 1:1!

For a decadent breakfast, test out vanilla bean puree on top of your waffles or pancakes! Make a simple syrup and then add 1 tbsp of Pure Vanilla Bean Paste.

Finally, simply use the vanilla bean paste as a sauce. Drizzle it on ice cream, cakes, cookies, and more for a beautiful amber glaze with vanilla bean seeds!

Let us know your favorite way to use vanilla bean paste!