Understanding Tree Nut Allergies and Using Almond Extracts

News Flavor science 11.14.23

Understanding tree nut allergies and using almond extracts

Cook’s Pure Almond Extract is made from the highest quality almond oil. Almond oil does not affect people who suffer from tree nut allergies and is thus a wonderful way to impart almond flavor without causing allergic reactions.

Like all extracts made with natural oils, almond extract is extremely potent and is best used in amounts ranging from an eighth teaspoon to a full teaspoon in desserts and baked goods.

Pure almond extract is a wonderful addition to cakes, cookies, ice creams, pies and tarts. Almond flavor is sweet and nutty and when used in small amounts can add something special and unexpected to recipes and when used in larger amount impart a wonderfully rich, nutty, and bold flavor.

It is a classic flavoring component in many French and Italian pastries. The primary component in natural almond oil is also found in the pit of stone fruits and many other nuts. Almond extract is absolutely beautiful in any dessert using stone fruits and other nuts such as peach cobblers, apricot and nectarine tarts, pistachio ice cream, and cherry pies. Adding ½ teaspoon into any dessert containing these fruits with enhance the flavor and elevate desserts to professional pastries. Almond extract is a key flavoring component to keep in your kitchen cupboard for its versatility and flavor power. Cook’s almond extract also will never expire nor will its flavor fade as it ages.