Orange and Fennel Pork Stew

Orange and Fennel Pork Stew


2 Tbsp Olive Oil, divided

2 Lbs Pork, cut into cubes

1 Yellow Onion, diced

1 Fennel Bulb, diced

2 Ribs Celery, sliced

2 Cloves Garlic, minced

1/2 Cup White Wine

1 Orange, cut into wedges

1 Cup Orange Juice

1 Cup Chicken Broth

2 Tbsp Flour

1/2 Tsp Pure Orange Extract

1/4 Tsp Pure Anise Extract

Salt and Pepper



1. In a large bowl, season the pork with salt and pepper. 

2. In a large pot, brown the chunks of pork in olive oil and then transfer to a separate bowl. 

3. In the same pot, add more olive oil and sauté the onion, fennel, celery, and garlic until the vegetables are golden brown and fragrant. 

4. Deglaze the pot with white wine, scraping the bottom of the pan. Add in the chicken broth, orange juice, orange, and browned pork to the pot. Simmer until pork is cooked and tender, about one hour. 

5. When pork is cooked and tender, add in the extracts and season with salt and pepper. Serve hot with wild rice.